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505nm 50mW Laser Line Module ±10nm Blue-green DC 12V with Adapter I<100mA New

    505nm 50mW Laser Line Module ±10nm Blue-green DC 12V with Adapter I<100mA New


1. Without preheating, super power, heat a little, can work long hours, in the 0-60 degrees temperature range can work normally, and the traditional double frequency 532nm green only ensure normal work at 20 degrees temperature, zero Cryogenic can not start normally, such as the volume is so small can not work long hours;
2. Shape design using simple cylindrical design, the fixture can be used with our shop assembly;
3. The use of imported semiconductor laser diode Osram form of point-shaped light, range up to more than 3 km;
4. Using 12V voltage input power;
5 Using focus design structure, according to the need to be free to adjust the spot size.

Such products designed for high beam quality requirements, the ambient temperature of the special workplace design. Can provide customers optoelectronic solutions, design to meet the needs of the laser module.
Dimensions: 20 *90mm
Output wavelength: 505 nm ± 10 nm
Output power: 50mW
Light shape: Line
Beam angle: <1.5mard
Surface treatment: anode black
Shell material: aviation aluminum
Circuit control: buck constant current
Reverse connection protection: Yes
Working voltage: DC = 12V
Working current: I <100mA
Preheating time: None
Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃
Structural features: laser tube + lens + heat case

Using 12V adapter power supply, can be directly inserted into the 220V socket for power supply.


1 x 505nm 50mW Laser Module Dot Blue-green Light 12V 

1 x 12V adapter

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