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Q-baihe Digital Display Automatic Series Electrolytic Capacitor ESR Meter Capacitance Resistance Mesr-100 Smart Tester

    Q-baihe Digital Display Automatic Series Electrolytic Capacitor ESR Meter Capacitance Resistance Mesr-100 Smart Tester

Accurate capacitor ESR meter, ohmmeter, tool that the capacitor test capacitor ESR value, to determine the capacitor is good or bad, convenient and direct.

mesr-100 V2 automatic switch capacitance resistance (ESR) test. small resistance test meter. Measuring range from 0.001 to 100.0r, high accuracy 1%, support for on-board measurement.

Resolution 0.001, large LCD display, support USB power adapter, DC 5V power adapter.

Using a true 100 kHz sine wave to match the internal resistance of the capacitor (ESR) corresponds to the capacitor manufacturer test method.

Can manually test the car range for ESR value

High accuracy 1%, minimum test, resistance 1Ω

You can directly test the component's capacitance resistance value on the board, to muck out the components from the board.

100 KHz the test is more accurate.

Manually delete button, remove the error, to facilitate the accurate test for smaller valuables components.

Mini USB interface DC 5 V to charge integrated lithium battery.

Partial capacity ESR values on table, out of range can be compared to testing.

Package: 1unit mesr-100 resistor capacitor ESR meter with accessories.

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