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Q-BAIHE STA508 Amplifier Board Digital Amplifier 80W + 80W

    Q-BAIHE STA508 Amplifier Board Digital Amplifier 80W + 80W
STA508 Power Amplifier Board 80W + 80W 

STA508 10-35V single power supply 80W * 2 or 160W * 1 PWM signal input Class D amplifier, built-in mute, STBY; switch machine without porphyrin gas, built-in short 
circuit, overheating, overload, overcurrent, protection circuit to meet the smaller radiator environment. PO = 160W * 1 (Vcc = 35V THD = 10% f = 1khz RL = 8) Po = 160W * 1 (Vcc = 35V THD = 10% f = 1khz RL = 4) PowerSO36   

Using the original STA508 TC2001 

Electrolytic capacitors using 220UF / 50V electrolysis, to ensure a strong stream of continuous power support. 

Resistance selection 0805 0603 high precision chip resistors, to ensure a good signal to noise ratio. 

PCB with 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz thick copper, tin spray the whole process to ensure that the size of the current through the performance of good. First-class PCB quality. 

Power and sound are beyond TA2024 TA2020 

The volume is very small, power. 

No noise, the circuit design is very reasonable, without any low noise! 

Work: Class D 
Quiescent current: 20mA 
Work efficiency: 90% 
Rated output power: 2 * 50W (8 ohms) 
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz 
Operating voltage: DC18V to DC35V 
Recommended power supply voltage: DC24V 
Maximum output current: 3A 
PCB size: 102 * 58MM 

1 x STA508 Amplifier Board Digital Amplifier 80W + 80W

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